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Islahi Dawakhana was Founded in the year 1939, By the great unani hakim, Hakim Mohammad mukhtar islahi, One of the well known unani Practitioners of his days. To accomplish the task, a council was formed under famaus physician " Hakim mohammad Tarique islahi" & his son"Hakim Mohammad hamid islahi" Who meticulously worked towords curing of various disease. The company has played a pioneer role in re-establishing ancient knowledge with modern research and manufacturing and exporting a wide range of unani medicines. we are one of the leading firms engaged in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of Omani medicines, herbal skin ointments, medicated skin ointments and skin ointments for various ailments. As health is considered as a prerequisite for achieving the supreme ends of life, our Unani products forms a total remedial measures in combating various ailments. Motivated by our vision to provide efficient services to the Unani fraternity, we are devoted and progressing towards providing most qualitative and pure formulations. Leveraging on our persistent research and development activities, we have invented special formulations which do not contain any acid or chemical as compared to allopathic drugs. Owing to our stringent quality measures and indigenous manufacturing procedures, we have got the valued approval and patronage of different industrial consumers. We facilitate our out station clients by providing consultation and medication through mail and thus have gained wide clientele across the globe.
Our mission is to improve the quality of life by enabeling people to do more,feel better and live longer.Providing medicine and treatment to the people in every part of the country. Our unani products form a total remedial measures in combating various ailments.
Islahi Dawakhana
Established in the year 1939, this department is focused towards the upliftment of Tib-e-Unani which is an international organization of health and medical practitioners following Unani methods. Focused towards providing medicine and treatment to people in every part of the country who have faith in Tib-e-Unani, this Dawakhana was started by Alhaj Hakim Mohd. Mukhtar Islahi Saheb. To accomplish the task, a council was formed under famous physician Hakim Mohd. Tarique Islahi Saheb, who meticulously worked towards curing of various diseases.
Islahi Tibbi Research Institute
Research and development department has become a mandatory department of any manufacturing organization. Indeed, it is emphasis on R&D that allow us to provide safe efficacious and consistent remidies using unani principles.Our R&D department is Guided by reckoned Hakims and Scientists of Unani Medicine's, we are set with an objective to condust research in various streams of Unani Medicine and other literary researches. These researches are then complied and published at our publication house.
Islahi Publication
Focused on providing health and moral education to the Generation and spreading health awareness in general mass, we publish a monthly magazine Tarjumane Islahi. In corporated with latest researches, development, inventions and experiences concerning to medical and health industry. It also contains articles from hakims, Doctor and scientists, providing them a forum of discussion for promoting health and medical sciences. This magazine also emphasizes on bridging the understanding between Islamic World and West.
Islahi Education & Research Foundation
This institute was incepted in the year 1997 with an aim of augmenting level of education across the country. The objectives of this foundation are as follows: . To Providing financial support for poor and needy people . Scholarship for best ranking students Since its inception, this institute has gained pinnacle of success which is justified with 1400 student and 20 high schools in India providing required help with the help of 160 Organizations.
Product portfolio
Our endeavor to serve the mankind by providing them natural and safe drugs. It has enabled us to offer wide range of Unani medicine like ointments, medicine for diabetes, renal stone,vitiligo,indigestion and many more.Our medicines are prepared by gathering authentic formulation, We procuring herbal ingredients from reliable vendors across the country. we manufacture a wide gamut of unani formulation that include: Proprietary Medicines such as Akbarina, Beejanol (Safoof), Akseer Meda. Further, we also offer Doshiza (SYRUP), Geso-Teck (MAJOON) that are known to deliver effective results with in a shorter time frame. To over come the lifestyle and health related problems we offer Syrup Supro and Maghza. To add on we also offer karanjoneen, kirmin, livona, motopin, naqu musaffi, niswaneenqurs , safo, islahi, marham, hazoomi and shallal. All these medicines are formulated after extensive research and are known to deliver satisfactory recovery from various health related problems such as:
. Impurities Of blood 
. Anemia
. headache 
. uric acid deposition 
. Acne and other skin related problems. 
. Indigestion and improper liver function
. Menstrual problem
. Leukorrhoea 
. Infertility and many more
and many more The medicines we offer are known to possess certain unique features that include:
3.Long shelf life
4.Palatable and syrup 
Prepared under extreme hygienic conditions, our medicines can be used on daily basis and are known to leave no side effects even after continuous use.
We also offer unani herbal medicines that are manufactured at out herbal house.
Since its inception, this institute has gained pinnacle of success which is justified with 1400 student and 20 high schools in India providing required help with the help of 160 Organizations.
Herbal House (Infrastructural Unit)
Our backbone is our infrastructure that comprises of a sophisticated manufacturing unit Islahi Herbal House that is spread over a vast area of 6000 square feet. We have various plants and medicine manufacturing machines, which can prepare formulations and develop tablets in exact size. The lotions are also manufactured with complete precaution and care so that they do not cause any side effects and are easy to apply as well as can be used for longer time. Some of the important machines installed at our premises are:
• Crushers
• Grinders Powdering machines
• Mashing machines
• Burning machines
• Roasting machines
• Filtering machines
• Drying machines
Our manufacturing unit

This infrastructural unit is one of the few facilities which blends modern production technology and advanced quality measures into the area of manufacturing a wide gamut of Unani medicines in different forms such as Qurs, Haboob, Majoon, Khameera, Jawarish, Safoof, Arq, Tila, Marham, Zamadat, Khustajat etc. Moreover, these machines are regularly oiled and repaired to ensure efficient and flawless production. To be in sync with modern technology we always purchase new and efficient machines that help us in increasing the annual turnover.
Patented formulas that have been developed after years of hard work and fast action drugs are made available to renowned Physicians through the distributors of Islahi Herbal House. Again this has helped us in gaining tremendous success while treating patients across the globe
Team of experts
Our strong emphasis on hiring talented and highly skilled personnel in our company has brightened our chances of succeeding in our field in such a short period of time. We are privileged to have a dedicated workforce who uses their in-depth knowledge and industry experience to prepare the herbal medicines
Our workforce comprises of :
• Hakims
• Bio technologists
• Pharmacists
• Lab technicians
• Research and development personnel
• Sales and marketing professional
• Quality personnel
• Skilled labor
Our Hakims are well educated and experienced physicians, some of them being member of Tib-e-Unani. These professionals include homeopathic practitioners who have gained perpetual succession and a common seal under Unani, ayurvedic and homoeopathic Practitioners Act. These personnel also assist us in providing effective consultation services to our clients that deals with general health problems of males and females.
A team of pharmacists assist us in procuring natural herbs from reliable vendors across the country and use them in appropriate medicines. Lab technicians help us in proper mixing and grinding and look after the whole manufacturing process. Our quality personnel keeps check on the entire production processes to ensure that our manufactured medicines are safe for human consumption and do not have any side effects.
We also have an adept team of R&D professionals who carry on extensive research to develop and formulate these medicines and improvising and innovating new medicines for curing different diseases effectively.
Coupled with the guidance of our directors and the expertise of our competent workforce, we are able to formulate latest and ground-breaking pharmaceutical drugs and medicines.

Quality Standards

To maintain our position in the market, we are committed to provide only quality-tested products that meet the standardsset by regulatory bodies. Quality is an essential aspect of pharmaceutical products as it is responsible for the well being and health of an individual. Therefore, we are committed towards providing qualitative and unique pharmaceutical formulations and try to entrench it in all our processes. In order to maintain proper hygiene at our unit and to avoid any kind of contamination, we ensure that the manufacturing processes are streamlined & clutter free. To look over all these steps and stages at our unit, we have a team of quality controllers who maintain a strict surveillance on the entire production work. Their constant vigil helps in averting even the minutest manufacturing errors. These quality monitors assure the quality of our products by conducting tests on certain parameters such as:
• Hygiene
• Shelf life
• Reliable
• Purity
• Composition
• Side effects
• Active
ingredients of the formulations Following a well managed quality managed program, we ensure that all these formulations are manufactured in most sophisticated and hygienic way.
Research and Development
Research and development department has become a mandatory department of any manufacturing organization and we being no exception have a well defined R&D; department. Islahi Tibbi Research Institute is headed by Hakims and Scientists of Unani Medicine�s who are engaged in developing unique methodologies that permit us in conducting our procedures in a cost-effective, safe and eco-friendly manner. Their meticulous efforts and thorough market survey have enabled us in developing high quality active medicines.
Client satisfaction
We believe that for the growth and persistent functioning of any firm, their clients play an important part. The satisfaction of our clients is responsible for the promotion of our products. Their faith and long-term bonding with our organization is the real testimony for the quality and purity of our pharmaceutical products. Based on our constant innovation and customer centric approach, we have exported our products to a number of countries across the globe.

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